Weaving together stories of science, technology and medicine.

Welcome to Texere Publishing.

We are a publishing company for innovative print, web, tablet and smart phone products for the scientific, technical and medical markets.

Our first title – The Analytical Scientist – was launched in January 2013. The Ophthalmologist is our second title and was launched in September 2013.

Our third and fourth titles – The Medicine Maker and The Pathologist were launched in September 2014.

Text, textile and texture are all words derived from the same Latin verb, texere, which means to weave or to construct with elaborate care.
Our scientific publications weave together diverse content strands, different platforms and global communities to produce useful, credible and stylish products.

Science, Technology and Medicine shape our lives and our world.

At Texere, we capture the triumphs, failures, opportunities and challenges in these vital human pursuits.

Our Mission is to provide the most interesting and useful print and online media for professionals within major scientific, technical and medical (“STM”) markets through the production of compelling editorial content, the development of engaged global communities, and the provision of outstanding opportunities for business partners.

Our Vision is to help professionals in key sectors of science, technology and medicine to stay current by reporting on the latest research and applications, by discussing the societal impact of the field, and by covering professional development, career and business issues.

The Texere promise:
To listen and be good team members
To work hard and always give you our best effort
To provide straight answers and be honest in our counsel
To communicate with you so there are no surprises

The dynamic Texere team has been hand-picked to deliver you the very best, high impact, scientific and medical information for print and online reading.

Our uniqueness lies in our diversity. Our expert knowledge is gained from our experiences working in the life science, chemical and applied sciences, as well as medical industries.

What unites us in Texere? Our pursuit of excellence and the desire to inform the scientific and medical communities of the latest news and discoveries.

In our endeavours, we are supported by an outstanding board of directors that draws on experience from publishing and other industries.



Picture of Andrew Davies - CEO of Texere Publishing.

Andrew Davies - Chief Executive Officer


"I’ve been in publishing for 27 years, with the majority of that time spent in science. Most recently, I was group publisher in Europe for Advanstar where I led the team to its best-ever performance.

Previously, I was Publishing Director at the Institution of Engineering and Technology, Europe’s equivalent of the IEEE. There, in addition to relaunching the organisation’s principle publications, I developed a newsstand science magazine for young readers, and web TV channels.

I was Science magazine’s first employee in Europe and served as Associate Director, responsible for advertising sales."

Picture of Tracey Peers - COO of Texere Publishing.

Tracey Peers - Chief Operating Officer


"Most recently, I was the Business Development Director at a global advertising agency, which had offices in the USA, UK and Germany.

Previously, I was an Associate Director of Science/AAAS, and worked on the launch of the first full-text scientific journal on the web—Science magazine. I co-created the Eppendorf & Science Prize in Neurobiology. 

Additionally, I have worked on the development of websites and subsequent marketing for a number of key companies in the life sciences, healthcare and electronics industries."


Picture of Lee Noyes - Publishing Director at Texere Publishing.

Lee Noyes - Publishing Director


"I began my publishing career on the sales floor at Trinity Mirror newspapers. Just a few years later, I joined Advanstar, initially working within the pharma and medical markets, I found my true calling in the world of analytical chemistry when I joined LCGC in 2000.

Over the 13 years that followed I held roles from senior sales executive through to associate publisher, and was involved in the inception of successful print and digital products.

As Publishing Director of The Analytical Scientist, I have the opportunity to work with an outstanding team; together we have created a portfolio of innovative products that spark discussion, engage the reader, and generate value for the analytical community."

Picture of Neil Hanley - Publishing Director at Texere Publishing.

Neil Hanley - Publishing Director


"I have twenty years of publishing experience working at every level of sales through to senior management with companies such as Guardian Media Group, CBS, Advanstar and most recently Reed Elsevier.

Over that period the most important lesson that I have learnt is that everything starts with the reader. Our goal with The Ophthalmologist is to create a brand that delivers indispensable utility to our readers and provides industry partners with unrivalled market reach and impact.

Our development plan will deliver advanced marketing and communication tools that have never before been made available to this industry."

Picture of Frank Van Geel - Scientific Director of Texere Publishing.

Frank Van Geel - Scientific Director


"I am the owner of educational website Chromedia. I studied analytical chemistry (specializing in mass spectrometry) in the Netherlands and did several years of post-doc work in spectroscopy with Jim Winefordner at the University of Florida, US.

I then became a science teacher and, later, a publisher in chemistry and physics related topics. I strongly support the mission; building online communities is the road to take.

We need to strengthen the quality of analytical chemistry and we need to strengthen our community by sharing know-how but also by sharing our opinions, vision, and view of the future."

Picture of Marc Bird - Senior Designer at Texere Publishing.

Marc Bird - Senior Designer


"I am a Graphic Designer with over 10 years professional experience. My career began as working for London lifestyle magazine Dazed & Confused, and after several years I moved to Grand Designs Magazine - the accompaniment magazine to the TV series.

After relocating to the North West - I continued working in design, for a classic music publisher - and latterly for Live Nation producing marketing materials for their extensive theatre division.

More recently I set up a Community Interest Company to provide creative support to Third Sector companies based in the North West."

Picture of Rich Whitworth - Editor of The Analytical Scientist.

Rich Whitworth - Editor


"I completed my studies in medical biochemistry at the University of Leicester, UK, in 1998.

To cut a long story short, I escaped to Tokyo to spend five years working for the largest English language publisher in Japan. Carving out a career in Tokyo changed my outlook forever – when seeing life through such a kaleidoscopic lens, it's hard not to get truly caught up in the moment.

On returning to the UK, after a few false starts with grey, corporate publishers, I was invited into the colourful folds of Texere Publishing, where I am spearheading the editorial development of The Analytical Scientist."

Picture of Tracey Nicholls - Audience Insight Manager at Texere Publishing.

Tracey Nicholls - Audience Insight Manager


"I have worked in Audience Development for the past 20 years. I spent the first 16 years of my career working for Advanstar Communications, where I became Head of the European Circulation Department.

I was responsible for existing and newly launched BPA-audited magazines, including chromatography, pharma manufacturing, and ophthalmology. For the past four years I worked for Rapid News Communications Group, overseeing the company’s circulation.

I was instrumental in acquiring five BPA audits for magazines aimed at additive manufacturing and 3D printing, plastics and pharma manufacturing."

Picture of David Roberts - Digital Content Manager at Texere Publishing.

David Roberts - Digital Content Manager


"I've been working in the print industry for over 25 years starting as a Retoucher with brushes, a bottle of bleach and some dyes. After a few years the revolution arrived and I sat down in front of something called an Apple Macintosh and opened a copy of Photoshop 2.0.

Years later I built my first web site, an all singing, all dancing Flash monstrosity, for the company I worked for. Then it was onto html and tables, xhtml and css.

Before Texere I worked for Rapid News Communications Group as Digital Magazine Manager producing in-browser digital magazines as well as designing and building internal and external web sites."

"Before joining Texere Publishing as Editor of The Ophthalmologist, I worked as a Medical Writer for over seven years, writing for numerous – and mostly German – Pharmaceutical companies.

I have written for many drug brands across Ophthalmic, Orthopaedic and Cardiology therapy areas, producing and reviewing primary and review manuscripts, Congress presentations and posters, and marketing materials. Prior to my adventures in Medical Communications, I was a Wellcome Trust PhD student at the University of Edinburgh where I examined peri- and post-natal mouse brain development, and before that, I was a Pharmacologist

I miss my labcoat, pipette, peristaltic pumps and PCR machine, but I have grown to love my laptop, keyboard, mouse and rotating monitors even more."

Picture of Richard Hodson - Publisher of The Medicine Maker

Richard Hodson - Publisher


"I have worked in scientific publishing for over 10 years, my last role was European Sales Director managing the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical portfolios at a major publishing company.  In my career I have created a range of solutions across multiple formats and through this experience I have learnt that regardless of format successful publishing is driven by connecting powerful content to the strongest possible audience. 

As Publisher, my aim for of The Medicine Maker is to introduce a new type of publication, one that harmonises life science manufacturing and development services while taking a global view on the relentless evolution within our industry."

Picture of Mark Goodrich - Publisher of the Pathologist

Mark Goodrich - Publisher


"Beginning my career at Trinity Mirror newspapers working on display advertising I moved to Advantsar Communications and began work as a Sales Exec on Pharmaceutical Technology Europe and Pharm Tech Asia Pacific magazines, over the 5 years that followed I was promoted to European Sales Manager of Pharmaceutical Executive.

Following this promotion I decided that it was time to broaden the CV and moved to Reed Elsevier to work on the custom analytical and custom research data side of publishing as a Regional Sales Manager for the award winning publication - Estates Gazette.

The launch of The Pathologist is truly exciting for me, the Texere team and I look forward to showcasing our array of truly unique digital and print products to the wider pathology community."

Picture of Fedra Pavlou - Editor at Texere Publishing.

Fedra Pavlou - Editor


"After graduating with a pharmacology degree, I embarked on a career in scientific publishing and communications, which spans 15 years to date. My roles have seen me heading up editorial and writing teams at Datamonitor, Advanstar and, most recently, as Editorial Operations Director at KP360. I now return to the industry that I love – publishing. There’s nothing I enjoy more than creating content that helps my readers not only to learn, but to enhance their daily practice. At Texere I will strive to develop must-read products that readers just can’t live without."

Picture of Peter Bartley - Mac Operator at Texere Publishing.

Peter Bartley - Mac Operator Digital / Print


"I have worked within the print/graphics industry for over 25 years. Starting out producing labels for champagne, wines and spirits, I then worked in magazine publishing, before moving into the reprographic side of the industry, initially for a gravure cylinder producer and then for 10 years with a global food packaging company.

I returned to magazine publishing in 2010, and have now accepted a new challenge with Texere to utilise my Mac skills for printed products, whilst also expanding my knowledge within the constantly evolving digital environment."

Picture of Stephanie Sutton - Associate Editor at Texere Publishing.

Stephanie Sutton - Associate Editor


"Making great scientific magazines isn’t just about delivering knowledge and high quality content; it’s also about packaging these in the right words to ensure that someone is truly inspired by a topic. My passion is ensuring that our authors’ expertise is presented as a seamless and enjoyable reading experience, whether in print, in digital or on social media. I’ve spent seven years writing and editing features for scientific and manufacturing publications, and in making this content engaging and accessible without sacrificing its scientific integrity. There is nothing better than a magazine with great content that feels great to read."

Picture of Charlotte Barker - Editor at Texere Publishing.

Charlotte Barker - Editor


"I got my start in biomedical publishing as a commissioning editor for healthcare journals and have spent my career covering everything from early-stage research to clinical medicine. As Editor of The Medicine Maker, I’m working closely with our audience to create vibrant, engaging content that reflects the hard work and passion that goes into bringing new medicines to market."

Picture of Roisin McGuigan– Associate Editor at Texere Publishing.

Roisin McGuigan– Associate Editor


"I have an extensive academic background in the life sciences, having studied forensic biology and human medical genetics in my time at Strathclyde and Glasgow Universities. My research, data presentation and bioinformatics skills plus my ‘wet lab’ experience have been a superb grounding for my role as an Associate Editor at Texere Publishing. The job allows me to utilize my hard-learned academic skills and experience in my current position within an exciting and contemporary publishing company."

Picture of Iestyn Armstrong-Smith – Special Projects Editor

Iestyn Armstrong-Smith  – Commissioning Editor


"After switching from teaching to publishing in 1992, I began my media career with Aster Publishing (which later merged with Advanstar Communications) as an editorial assistant for a range of scientific and technical publications. Soon after, I became the assistant editor on LC-GC International and then the publication’s associate editor. Since then I have held senior editorial positions (including management roles) for a variety of technical and business publications, as well as having a lengthy career as a freelance. In many ways, Texere Publishing has taken me in a full circle back to the wonderful world of separation sciences for which I am truly grateful, and I feel very privileged to be part of The Analytical Scientist editorial team."

Picture of Phil Dale  – Finance Controller at Texere Publishing.

Phil Dale  – Finance Controller


"After graduating with a degree in Computer Science in 2004, I wasn’t sure which direction I should take my career in. I felt that a Masters in Maths would broaden my options so I left Manchester University in 2005 and walked into a trainee role with a large independent UK accountancy firm. I became a qualified accountant, leaving the practice environment as a senior manager in 2014 having gained invaluable experience in auditing and advising SMEs with accountancy matters. I also acted in a financial controller capacity for a number of clients, and it was this element of my job that I grew to love the most and that ultimately drove my move to Texere. I am the company’s financial controller, but get involved in so much more. Texere is a growing business and I’m making a key contribution to that growth."

Picture of Michael Schubert  – Associate Editor at Texere Publishing.

Michael Schubert  – Associate Editor


"While obtaining degrees in biology from the University of Alberta and biochemistry from Penn State College of Medicine, I worked as a freelance science and medical writer. I was able to hone my skills in research, presentation and scientific writing by assembling grants and journal articles, speaking at international conferences, and consulting on topics ranging from medical education to comic book science. As much as I’ve enjoyed designing new bacteria and plausible superheroes, though, I’m more pleased than ever to be at Texere, using my writing and editing skills to create great content for a professional audience."

Picture of Stephen Mayers – Apprentice Social Media / Analytics at Texere Publishing.

Stephen Mayers – Apprentice Social Media / Analytics


"After completing my A Levels, I decided to take an apprenticeship in Social Media and Digital Marketing. Through my Apprenticeship I was placed at Texere, where I continue to learn and gain valuable experience in a professional workplace. Throughout my time here I have developed a wide variety of digital skills across various pieces of software."

Picture of Chris Joinson – Sales Manager at Texere Publishing.

Chris Joinson – Sales Manager


"I have had varied and interesting career starting working in the retail arena, then trying my skills at being an Air Stewardess (this one wasn’t for me). I loved being a telesales trainer for the Chester Chronicle, part of the Trinity Mirror Group.  I have worked in recruitment and spent 15 years working in the incentive and motivation industry running a sales team. The last 3 years have been spent back in the publishing world, which has been challenging but refreshing. Texere Publishing has been like a breath of fresh air invigorating my enthusiasm for sales, and at the same time working with a talented, dedicated and fun team."

Picture of Helen Conyngham – Sales Manager at Texere Publishing.

Helen Conyngham  – Sales Manager


"I have 17 years consultative account management experience and developing intelligent solutions for my clients has always been a real passion. I joined Texere Publishing at the start of 2015 and I am already enjoying the mix of traditional and ‘new media’ advertising solutions available through The Medicine Maker.

I am excited to be working with a first class team of media professionals who are working tirelessly to develop cutting edge video and multimedia products for The Medicine Maker’s advertisers."

Picture of Emily Strefford-Johnson – Junior Designer at Texere Publishing.

Emily Strefford-Johnson  – Junior Designer


"I’m a recent graduate from The University of Salford where I studied Graphic Design and graduated with first class honours. During my time at University I specialised in print design, and after a brief period of working in retail and design placements, that has led me to join the team at Texere."

Picture of Jody Fryatt – Traffic and Administration Associate at Texere Publishing.

Jody Fryatt  – Traffic and Audience Associate


"I started my career with responsibility for storewide stock management at a high-street supermarket. I then moved to Romec to work alongside companies such as The Post Office & Royal Mail, in the electronic security industry. When the business was dissolved, I decided to look for something different.

I landed on my feet at Texere Publishing and am now happily working within Traffic and Audience - managing advertising materials across all publications and assisting with the constant build/upkeep of the print and digital audience. With more publications in the pipeline I am looking forward to the challenges ahead and to helping the business go from strength to strength."

Picture of Aby Bradey – Tablet Producer at Texere Publishing.

Aby Bradley – Tablet Producer


"A recent Graphic Design Graduate, I specialise in motion and interactivity. I started with some editorial experience at Cosmopolitan magazine which introduced me to the design industry when I got the chance to design the Ultimate Women Awards Issue cover. I then had a few months experience working in London with Conde Nast on digital editions of Tatler and Glamour magazines. This involved transferring the print issues into digital for different platforms such as the IPad/ Samsung NotePro.

Now digital publishing has become my career, starting at Texere working across their portfolio of titles. As Tablet Producer, I am excited to be a part of this talented team, bringing elements of motion and innovation into the apps to create an engaging user experience."

Picture of Lindsey Vickers – Traffic and Audience Associate at Texere Publishing.

Lindsey Vickers – Traffic and Audience Associate


"Since leaving college I spent 18 years as a PA, so moving into a Traffic & Audience role is a completely different experience for me, and one which I feel has been nothing but positive.

Having a natural ability to be organised, efficient and the ability to communicate on all levels have proved to be important factors in my role with Texere Publishing.  Managing all aspects of our attendance at worldwide exhibitions, organising internal client webinars and assisting in the development of the print and digital audience have given me a fresh challenge and I haven’t looked back."

Picture of Peter Phippen - Chairman of the Board at Texere Publishing.

Peter Phippen - Chairman of the Board

"Peter has spent 30 years in the media industry, holding board positions in the UK, USA, India and Australia. For many years he was a Board Director of BBC Worldwide Ltd, for whom he developed and ran BBC Magazines; he was also President and CEO of BBC Worldwide Americas Inc, launching a number of TV channels and chairing a joint venture with Discovery Inc. He has been a Chairman of the PPA and a Treasurer of FIPP (the global magazine body). In 2011 he received the Marcus Morris Award, the highest accolade in magazine publishing.

Peter is now a Director of Immediate Media Co, a large PE-backed magazine and digital company and Chairman of Sift, a VC-backed pure-play digital B2B company and holds a number of other non-exec positions. Peter has also founded East West Relations Ltd. to help western media companies identify and secure opportunities in India, where he was born."

B13 logo

Web Design and Development


“We are a leading web design and development agency based in Stuttgart, Germany.

We currently employ 17 members of staff and produce a wide range of online content solutions. This includes cutting edge corporate websites,  eCommerce, video production, mobile apps, SEO and graphic design.

We are also leaders in the TYPO3 CMS interface. Our client list includes the likes of Eppendorf, Hugo Boss, Siemens, Postbank, Smart Car and many more. We are happy to be working with Texere Publishing, developing their online content to be the leaders in their field.”


Ribbon Analytical Scientist

Analytical science measures the improvements in all of our lives.

The ability to separate, identify and quantify the chemical components of materials— analytical chemistry—has an enormous impact on our lives; on the food we eat, our environment, energy supply, and the medicines we take.
The Analytical Scientist integrates all aspects of the topic, from advances in science and technology to first-hand accounts from the labs that test athlete’s samples; and from progress in business and policy to advice for career development and job satisfaction.

The Analytical Scientist  launched in January 2013. It encompasses a magazine tailored for print, tablets and smart phones, in addition to a global website and app. We also connect via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

An ophthalmologist’s magazine, not a magazine for ophthalmologists.

The Ophthalmologist integrates topical news coverage, with practical, pragmatic articles that are meaningful to a practicing ophthalmologist’s daily working life. We publish feature articles that tell the stories behind the biggest concepts, issues and advances in the field, and we engage our readership; everything is up for comment; we view our content as the start of a conversation.

The Ophthalmologist launched in September 2013, and is available in a multitude of formats, from a traditional printed magazine format, to a responsive-design website that looks great on all platforms from a mobile phone to the largest of computer monitors, to an iPad that’s properly interactive. We also push our content via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Celebrating the people, processes and vision that bring new drugs and biologics to market.

The development of new drugs and biological medicines draws on the talent, passion and experience of a wide range of professionals. The goal of The Medicine Maker is to integrate all aspects of the process, from the registration of an Investigational New Drug (IND) or Biologics License Application (BLA) through to the market launch of new therapies, and beyond.

The Medicine Maker will combine topical news coverage with practical, pragmatic articles that are meaningful to the daily working life of experts in the clinical, regulatory, development and manufacturing fields. Feature articles will tell the stories behind the biggest concepts, issues and advances in the field, and departments will cover topics in  business, policy to advice and career development.

The Medicine Maker will launch in September 2014, and is available in a multitude of formats; contemporarily designed print magazine, interactive app on Apple’s Newsstand (iPad and iPhone), and a responsive-design website serving the full range of digital solutions life science marketers have come to expect.  We also engage with our audience via Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Celebrating the people, processes, and vision that make up the international pathology market.

Pathologists are involved in up to 80% of all treatment or diagnosis decisions; they lie at the heart of all healthcare services provided to patients, globally.
The Pathologist aims to serve this invaluable profession by giving back what pathologists give to their communities: clear, accurate, important, and timely communication of information.
The Pathologist is a must-read source for all specialists operating in the field, including molecular diagnostics, biochemistry, histology, microbiology, immunology, hematology, and cytology. Covering all aspects of the field, from research and technological breakthroughs to laboratory management and regulatory issues, The Pathologist gives a voice to the profession that is at the heart of delivering exceptional quality healthcare.
Launching in September 2014, in print, online, and via a multitude of digital formats (including tablet and smartphone), The Pathologist is revolutionizing the way that laboratory medicine specialists stay updated of practice-changing innovations, research and the issues that matter. To enjoy a free print or digital subscription, please email your contact details to info@texerepublishing.com adding “The Pathologist subscription request” to the subject header.

Texere creates compelling stories in science, technology and medicine. Use us to increase engagement in your company or organization.

We develop and deliver customized print, digital, audio and media content for companies, patient organizations and regional
development agencies, helping them improve services and strengthen relationships with their client base.

Texere partners with clients who wish to provide valued products to their customers. We develop the editorial content, handle design and production, target the audience and generate reports for clients.

Contact us today to set up a discussion on custom media projects that will help you reach your goals.


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Stephanie Sutton - Associate Editor


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